Well done to UK Cypriot Joanna Kashoumeri on her debut on masterchef

We introduce 28 year old UK Cypriot Joanna Kashoumeri from Enfield who appeared on last nights BBC TV programme.
Masterchef that focuses on finding the country’s best food talent through a series of cooking challenges while inspiring millions of viewers everywhere to believe that they too can transform their lives through food.

The programme was shown last night Tuesday at 9.00pm on BBC1 and Joanna has progressed to the next stage.

Joanna has  always been passionate about food and cooking.

Joanna said “I work as a social media manager for Sushi Daily and it’s been amazing to work in the food sector – it’s made me love it even more.

Cooking became more prominent in my life when covid hit in 2020. 

My biggest supporters have always been my yiayia and bappou – they love the fact that I learnt all the traditional Greek recipes, they’re always so proud and that’s all I could want.

Bappou was a chef back in the day and yiayia unfortunately passed away in March 2021, so this moment of being on Masterchef is dedicated to her memory.

To be honest, I never thought I’d get on Masterchef. You never really feel ready or good enough, so getting on the show in the first place is validation enough that I’ve been recognised for my passion of food

I attended Edmonton County School and completed my M.A in creative writing from Hertfordshire University in 2015.
I’m born in the UK my parents from Yialoussa and Kalogria”.