Well done to UK Cypriot Celine Akiner on Running a 70km Ultramarathon to raise funds for the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria

On Friday,17th February 2023 the Turkish Cypriot LSE student Celine Alkiner ran the 70km ultramarathon by herself across London to raise money for the devastating earthquake that has taken place in Turkey and Syria. The distance is just under the equivalent of two marathons (with two full marathons being 84km), that took her
10h30 of running, 70km completed. Feeling extremely tired and overwhelmed, She thanked everyone for their generous support. “It was the only thing keeping me going on my run

While I have taken part in a Marathon and Ironman 70.3 before, this will be by far the most difficult physical challenge I have ever set out to do, especially without training, but I hope that it will encourage as many donations as possible”.

I’m sure many of you have already contributed what you can, but I would really appreciate any donations you can make on my page, as the areas affected by the earthquake are still in desperate and urgent need of money. The funds raised will be donated directly and automatically to the Turkey Mozaik Foundation, a trusted UK based charity who have lots of experience in emergency and humanitarian relief across Turkey. These donations will help to provide immediate relief, as well as long term recovery to survivors of the earthquake.

The current situation is devastating as it is, but is likely to get worse. Here is what we know so far:

Over 33,000 people have now been confirmed dead across Turkey and Syria.
Countless homes, hospitals and schools have been demolished and reduced to rubble – leaving tens of thousands of people homeless and without necessary medical supplies, food, water and warm clothes.
Freezing winter conditions in the region will put many survivors at further risk.
There will be critical long term implications associated with a natural disaster of this magnitude that will continue to require global support.
Thank you very much for your generous support.


So far she has raised £6436

you can donate on her Just giving page below


Michael Yiakoumi

Michael Yiakoumi

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