US Cypriot Christou brothers to open restaurant in Pennsylvania

The Christou Family’s Mediterranean Ardana Eatery: Greek, Cypriot

Ardana Food & Drink will open in March in Newtown, Pennsylvania but co-owner Mike Christou says while he and brother Antoni draw on their Cypriot roots for the food that it won’t exactly be Cypriot, or Greek.

“We call it Mediterranean because we pull inspiration, dishes, flavors, and ideas from that whole region of the world,” he said. “You have the fresh, light coastal flavors of Cyprus. You have pastas and pizzas from Italy. And you have the spices and flavors of the Middle East. We cover that whole area of the world,” he told

The brothers grew up in the town not far from Trenton, New Jersey and this is their second Ardana. “We are so excited. We can’t wait to show people why we are so passionate about this concept, the quality of the food we’re serving and the level of service we provide,” he added.

Árdana is the latest concept from Restauranteur brothers Mike and Antoni Christou, who have chosen The Shops at Valley Square in Warrington, PA as the setting for their newest upscale casual restaurant inspired by the vibrant flavors of the Mediterranean.


The restaurant gets its name from Árdana, a small village in Cyprus. A farming community rich in culinary culture- where owners Mike and Antoni Christou’s grandmother was raised. Their goal is to transport guests to the Mediterranean and showcase the beauty of the native style of eating known as “mezze”, where the entirety of the meal is shared amongst family and friends.


A taste of the Mediterranean:

The inspiration for Árdana’s cuisine comes from the Village of Árdana in Cyprus as well as influences from across the region including Italian and Middle Eastern flavors. The concept behind our Mezze style of dining is an abbreviation of Mezedes which means “little delicacies”. Where plates are meant to be shared with the entire table in a “family” style. Our flavors are bright, created with healthy and local ingredients.


Co-owners and brothers Mike and Antoni Christou were born and raised in Bucks County. Their calling to the restaurant industry came early when they began working in their family’s restaurants as just young teenagers.

Mike went on to attend Culinary School at The Art Institute of Philadelphia. After graduating, he worked for one of the most renowned restauranteurs in Philadelphia before returning to where he got his start, flourishing steakhouse concept KC Prime, with his brother Antoni, father and uncle.

They are thrilled to be bringing a piece of their heritage to Bucks County, through their latest concept, Árdana.