US and UK Cypriots Bringing XR Reality to Cyprus and Beyond: The Vision and Innovation of

Bringing XR Reality to Cyprus and Beyond: The Vision and Innovation of

Today, we are on the cusp of a technological revolution as Extended Reality (XR) – a term encompassing both Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) – is finally gaining traction,

driven by more powerful mobile technologies, AI advances, and Apple’s recent announcement of a new headset. Amidst this exciting time, one pioneering company,, is poised to

take a leading role.

Founded by, seeks to democratize AR and VR technologies, enabling creators to shape and extend our reality. The company’s mission is clear: “We connect digital

and physical worlds to help creators extend reality.”

This drive to make XR accessible is fuelled by the combined vision of co-founders, Hermes Frangoudis, a Greek-Cypriot first-generation American, and Colin Jacobsen. Together, they form

a dynamic duo, with Hermes offering nearly two decades of web technology experience and seven years of AR/VR expertise. They are guided by chairman Pan Philippou, a Greek Cypriot

from London, who brings his vast experience in finance, fashion, and commerce.

The innovation that brings to the table is not just about creating AR or VR experiences; it’s about building a bridge between these technologies and making them

accessible to creators across industries. provides a suite of tools that allow users to create immersive virtual worlds, 3D models with AR previews, and AR filters similar to those

on Instagram or Snapchat, all without needing any coding expertise.

For instance, digital artists can now create interactive virtual art galleries, or fashion designers can use AR to preview their designs in a 3D space. In education, teachers can create engaging

and immersive lessons, and marketers can develop exciting AR/VR advertisements. The possibilities are endless and are not confined to a specific industry or application.

As we move forward, is set to continue its innovative approach, with the upcoming launch of AI-assisted asset creation tools and an XR Interactions and Events engine. Such

developments will push the boundaries of what’s possible with AR/VR creation and ensure that users are always at the forefront of this exciting technology.’ user base extends to more than 200 organizations worldwide, including Fortune 100 and 500 businesses and top fashion and retail brands and agencies. Yet, the platform’s

simplicity ensures that individual freelancers and educational institutions can also harness the power of XR.

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