UK Cypriot Peter Andre teaching his children Greek so they can speak to their grandparents

Peter Andre revealed he is teaching his children Greek so they can speak to their grandparents.

The singer’s parents are Greek Cypriots and the father-of-four wants his children to be able to chat to them.

OK! quoted him as saying: “I’ve tried to teach my kids Greek so they can speak it when they visit their Yiayia and Bapou (Greek for gran and grandpa).”

Andre, 49, was born in the UK but he moved to Australia when he was six and his mother Thea and father Savvas still live there.

Peter Andre with his older children Princess and Junior. (Landmark Media)

The star has four children – Junior, 17, and Princess, 15, with his ex Katie Price, and Amelia, nine, and Theo, six, with his wife Emily.

He took them Down Under to visit relatives over the festive season and shared a string of snaps from their trip on social media.

One video posted on Instagram showed budding music star Junior hugging and talking to his grandmother.

It was captioned: “We love you mum. Her reaction to Junior is beautiful.”

“They always speak Greek together,” he added.

Reflecting on the clip, Andre said: “It’s so sweet as it proves love really is an international language. The joy my mum had when the kids were around was incredible.”

Other photos showed the group doing handstands on the beach and another showed Andre smiling at his mum as she held his chin in her hand.

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“These last two weeks have meant the world to us,” he captioned the sweet image on Instagram.

“Mum, you have no idea how much we love you and Dad,” he added.