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We’ve only gone and done it! Our book #itsfine can now be pre-ordered through the link in our bio 🎊or here 🥳📕📕

We aren’t mucking about with this, enough is enough! You deserve better than a life of fad diets, yo-yoing up and down for decades with your weight, buying into so called wonder products and strategies that stop you living the life you want, only to get short term results that leave you physically and mentally in a worse position than when you started.

You honestly can say #itsfine to the food you love, and we are going to guide you through the process, taking you on a journey chapter by chapter, that will, in a way that’s never been done before, give you the perfect tailor made plan to achieve your goals.

You will experience your own eureka moment in the early chapters of the book, as you realise where it all started for you and what made you slog it out for so long in a cycle of restrictive eating, self sabotage and binging.

We will explore your personal goals, your lifestyle, and the art of simplifying portion control through a weekly range, rather than strict daily calorie counting. Then, using our transparent, honest approach, take you into world where “off plan” and feelings of guilt, don’t exist.

After that it’s time for you to discover 75 delicious recipes designed to transform your mindset and get you building a positive relationship with food all whilst losing weight in the process – in a sustainable way!

Just remember… if diets work, then they’d work right?… We are going to change your entire perception of what a weight loss journey looks like and, through your help and support, rescue as many people as we can from the one thing they believe would help them in the first place.

#itsfine is a movement, it’s you standing up for yourself and no longer allowing a person, company or product to control your life ever again.

Thank you so much for your support guys with this book.

Ben, Pete and the whole team at #itsfine 🫶

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