UK Cypriot Paul Buxton reaches a top ten world ranking

Paul Buxton pictured with his wife Tonia in Manchester

HYROX is a competitive, indoor fitness event which bills itself as “The World Series of fitness.

After qualifying in the London heats, UK Cypriot Pauĺ Buxton performed wéll enough at the world championships in Manchester to reach no10 world ranking in 55 to 59 age group.

A HYROX competition is made up of a 1km un followed by 1 functional workout, repeated 8 times (meaning 8km run in total, plus 8 functional workouts).  It requires strength, speed, power and endurance and, in many ways, is a fantastic test of overall fitness. There are a variety of categorisations (see below) which, amongst other things, makes it an event suitable for a range of physical abilities.