UK Cypriot Cllr Gina Adamou – Haringey’s new Mayor for 2022/23!

Cllrs Gina Adamou and Lester Buxton accepted their appointments as the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Haringey during the Full Council meeting at Alexandra Palace on Monday (23 May 2022).
As the first female Cllr of Cypriot origin to have held the mayoralty, Cllr Adamou has been a Ward Cllr in our borough for more than 30 years having moved to the UK from Cyprus in the 1960s and has served as a mayor before..

Cllr Adamou said:

I accept this appointment and thank you for it. I will work hard to serve the people of Haringey sincerely. I’m very glad to have a young and energetic Deputy Mayor.

I’m very committed to Haringey and passionate about the borough and its people. I simply do feel very honoured to be the Mayor of Haringey again.

Cllr Adamou replaces Cllr Jogee, who is now a Cabinet Member with responsibility for Economic Development, Jobs and Community Cohesion.

Gina was born in Cyprus and is from the village of Psymolophou was educated in Cyprus and attended North London College as a mature student.