UK Cypriot Big Has cooks the famous meatballs on Channel 4

Known for his vibrant flavours, and inspiring recipes, where Hasan Semay (Big Has), a former student of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver shared his Cypriot heritage to produce mouthwatering dishes.

Appearing on the latest episode of ‘Jamie’s £1 Wonders’ on Channel 4 recently, the young Turkish Cypriot chef cooked the famous Cypriot dish known as ‘Cypriot meatballs or potato meatballs’.

Sharing his ideas on low-cost cooking koftes that use age-old techniques to give you the biggest Mediterranean flavours from the fewest ingredients, Big Has shares a well-loved dish by many, but with a twist to help keep the cost low while still enjoying the favours of koftes.

Big Has is a talented chef and YouTube host based in North London. Dropping out of school and trying his hand at a variety of jobs from plumbing to security, Has was accepted into the prestigious Jamie Oliver “15” program in 2011, which revealed a true passion and talent for cooking. ‘

Attract attention with her video series called ‘Sunday Sessions’, which has been very popular, every week, whatever the weather, Big Has cooks delicious meals in her backyard in Edmonton and shares it as a video on her Youtube and Instagram accounts.

In this first cookbook ‘HOME’ a Sunday Time bestseller, takes these principles to the next level by explaining the stages of lighting a barbecue and how to prepare meat and fish on the grill, along with dishes ranging from small plates to Turkish Cypriot classics.