UK Cypriot Award winning filmmaker, director. Bestselling author Vicki Psarias appears on This Morning TV

UK Cypriot Award winning filmmaker/ director/ content creator. Bestselling author. Mum of three Vicki Psarias appeared on this Morning TV Tuesday May the 16th 2023 debating the new legislation fining parents on authorised leave and holidays.

Vicki Psarias is a filmmaker and blogger based in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. She is known as the author of the bestselling book Mumboss (2 editions in the UK) and The Working Mom in the US and Canada (published in 2020). She is also the founder and editor of Honest Mum, an award winning parenting blog. Vicki is a filmmaker, writing and directing short films, Broken and Rifts as well as directing and producing TV documentaries, music videos and adverts. She is developing two feature film ideas and an animation film. She has written a children’s book based on her short animation screenplay.

Psarias has been sourced as a subject matter expert in women’s health, parenting, business, food and fashion by The Scotsman, Huffington Post, and more.

She has since become a TV and Radio Broadcaster regularly featuring on BBC World News, BBC Breakfast, ITV’s This Morning, Good Morning Britain, Lorraine, Channel 5 News, SKY News and BBC Radio 5 Live.
Her MA graduation film, Rifts won awards at film festivals worldwide including the European Commissioned Euromedcafe International Short Film Competition[6] while her subsequent short film Broken was also very well received. Vicki worked as a runner, then in development for Redbus (now Lionsgate UK).[7] Post Redbus, she wrote and directed Broken.

From 2004 to 2010, Psarias directed drama, TV documentaries, music videos, and short films. Vicki has won the Channel 4 Talent Award for Best Filmmaker in 2007 and The Square Mile Magazine Worldspreads 30 Under 30 London Talent Awards.