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Tennis stars, Tsitsipas, Kokkinakis, and Kyrgios reunite at Australian Cypriot restaurant

Tennis stars, Tsitsipas, Kokkinakis, and Kyrgios reunite over a Greek feast on High Street

L-R: Greek tennis star, Stefanos Tsitsipas, seated, Australian Thanasi Kokkinakis and standing, behind restaurateur,Australian Cypriot Nick Evripidou who is from Nicosia and next to him tennis star Aussie Nick Kyrgios.

Greek tennis stars were spotted dining together in Melbourne’s trendy northern suburb Thornbury recently

Greece’s Stefanos Tsitsipas who was playing in the Australian Open Australian Open, met up with Kokkinakis’ close mate Nick Kyrgios, for a traditional spread at GRK Greek Kitchen & Bar.

Earlier, Kokkinakis told the ABC that Kyrgios his mate, suffering from injury this year, would not retire, as he had said in social media posts.

“I’m having dinner with him [Nick Kyrgios] tonight, and he ain’t retiring any time soon, so he’s good. He’s playing,” Kokkinakis said.

“I’m having dinner with him [Nick Kyrgios] tonight, and he ain’t retiring any time soon, so he’s good. He’s playing,” Kokkinakis said.

“He’ll be right. He’s commentating short-term, but he’ll be back playing pretty soon.”

With Kyrgios only appearing in one tour match over the last 16 months due to injury, there’s been precious little opportunity for him and Kokkinakis to repeat their brilliant combination from 2022.

Tsitsipas, in a philosophical mood, told media earlier in the week that he is looking at the bigger picture after his fourth-round loss to Taylor Fritz at the Australian Open.

He told the ABC on January 21 that it was “painful, and the moments of glory are not that many.”

“There are just way more moments in your career that are painful and tough to deal with, suffering and all that stuff, than moments of glory and success. These are a very small percentage of what a tennis player lives on a yearly basis.”

The parea had reserved seating with only a scattering of patrons in the restaurant; nevertheless, their presence was noticed.

Australian Cypriot owner Nick Evripidou, ensured a home-away-from-home feel as Greek films from the 60s and 70s were screened above stars providing some poetic feel for the sportstars’ dinner out.

AFL retired superstar and former Carlton Football Club player Anthony Koutoufides, known by fans as ‘Kouta’, was also enjoying a night out and soon joined the tennis stars.

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