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UK Cypriot Judoka Sam Sampson Wins Bronze at 2023 CSIT World Sports Games

In a momentous triumph for Cyprus, Judoka Sam Sampson journeyed to Cervia, Italy, to partake in the esteemed 2023 CSIT World Sports Games (WSG), seizing a coveted bronze medal in the fiercely competitive -81kg judo event. This international spectacle, taking place every two years, welcomed an assembly of over 6,000 participants from around the globe, promoting not only competition between attendees but also nurturing cross-cultural connections and kinship among sports enthusiasts worldwide.

In an arduous day that featured eight demanding fights, Sam Sampson exhibited skill, tenacity, and unwavering devotion to his craft. His outstanding performance in the -81kg category earned him a bronze medal that is nothing short of well-deserved. His achievement is celebrated not only by his fellow Cypriots but also by the global community of sports enthusiasts who have gathered in Cervia for the 2023 CSIT World Sports Games.

Sam’s judo journey is guided by his father, Sampson Sampson, a former Cypriot judo athlete himself, at the esteemed Sobell Judo Club in Finsbury Park, North London. To learn more, visit www.sobelljudoclub.com.

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UK Cypriot Judoka Sam Sampson Wins Bronze at 2023 CSIT World Sports Games

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