Sir Stelios rewards easyStorage franchisees

Hear all about the easyStorage Conference & Franchisee Awards 2023, where franchisees were celebrated, valuable insights were shared, and plans for the future were unveiled, all in the stunning setting of Monaco.

The easyStorage Conference 2023 took place last weekend, where easyStorage, in collaboration with Sir Stelios and the easyGroup, brought together franchisees, key members of the easyGroup, representatives from Basil Fry who generously sponsored the conference and franchise team members from the easyStorage head office. This highly anticipated event was a resounding success, offering a captivating agenda and taking place in the stunning location of Monaco.

Pre-Conference Preparations

The easyStorage senior leadership team arrived in Nice, no-fuss flights courtesy of sister brand easyJet, eager to prepare for the exciting days ahead. Prior to the conference, the team gathered over pizza, near the wonderful easyHotel where the franchisees were staying, further enhancing the sense of unity.

easyStorage Expert Packing Hacks

As co-founders of easyStorage, Tim Slesinger, the CEO, and Nigel Dawson, the Franchise Director, are the original storage experts, and it would be a shame to miss out on their expert advice so we asked them: “What are your top short-trip packing/travel hacks?” Tim said

“Travel with only carry-on luggage. This not only saves time at the airport but also eliminates the risk of lost or delayed baggage. Another hack is to download the latest easyPod-cast [unfortunately only available for our internal network] or any other podcasts of interest to listen to during the journey. It’s a great way to make the travel time more enjoyable and informative. Lastly, of course, don’t forget to pack a stylish pair of sunglasses to add a touch of coolness to your weekend getaway!”

Nigel shared some equally helpful hacks which revealed he had definitely attended more than a few conferences over the years.

“Travel light and make lists, but there’s a particularly effective hack when it comes to dealing with creased shirts that come out of your hand luggage. As soon as you arrive at your hotel, hang the shirts in the bathroom and run the shower on full heat for about 10 minutes. The steam generated by the hot shower will remove the creases from your shirts. Afterwards, simply hang the shirts in the wardrobe overnight. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll find that your shirts look freshly ironed and ready to wear. It’s a quick and easy way to ensure you always have wrinkle-free shirts! Another tip is to remember to pack a hanger for this as most hotel hangers don’t have a hooked top.”

The easyGroup Legacy

The day began journeying to the conference hall in Monaco, generously provided by Sir Stelios’ Philanthropic charity, which served as the perfect venue for fostering camaraderie among the attendees. The conference commenced with a captivating morning session led by Sir Stelios and the easyGroup team. Attendees embarked on a journey through the origins of the easyFamily of Brands, gaining valuable insights into brand protection strategies, and learning about the remarkable work carried out by the Sir Stelios Philanthropic Foundation. This session set the tone for the conference, emphasising the importance of the easyGroup legacy and the impact it has had on easyStorage’s success. After this, open informal discussions were had which proved to be invaluable amongst easyStorage franchisees, Sir Stelios and the figureheads of the easyGroup.

Nigel Dawson, mentioned witnessing the incredible engagement between Sir Stelios and easyStorage franchisees as a stand-out moment.

 “It was truly inspiring to see how Sir Stelios shared his personal journey and experiences, and how the franchisees eagerly absorbed his wisdom and insights. Sir Stelios’ presence and his ability to connect with each individual left a lasting impression on me. His passion for easyStorage and his genuine interest in the success of the franchisees was evident in every conversation. This experience highlighted the power of mentorship and the value of learning from someone who has already walked the path to success. Witnessing this exchange of knowledge and the genuine camaraderie among everyone present was the highlight of the conference for me.”

easyStorage Franchise Awards

One of the most eagerly anticipated segments of the conference was the easyStorage Franchise Awards, expertly hosted by Nigel Dawson, the easyStorage Franchise Director and Co-Founder. The awards recognized exceptional achievements in various categories, including customer service, marketing, growth, innovation, and brand ambassadorship. The highly coveted Franchise of the Year award was bestowed, by none other than Sir Stelios himself, upon a deserving franchisee upon Kristof Nemeth and London North East, acknowledging their significant contributions to the easyStorage brand. A heartfelt video honoured Rahim Lief, winner of Colleague of the Year, further highlighting the dedication and talent within the easyStorage network.

Gala Dinner at the Monaco Yacht Club

The conference attendees were treated to a spectacular gala dinner at the prestigious Monaco Yacht Club, generously hosted by Sir Stelios. The evening offered a departure from the usual brand style, providing a delightful culinary experience featuring dishes like lobster tacos, wagyu beef stir-fry, and exquisite prosecco. Amidst the luxurious ambience, franchisees had the opportunity to connect, unwind, and strengthen their network, further fostering a sense of community.

Tim commented: “The gala dinner at the Monaco Yacht Club also stands out as an unforgettable highlight of the event. The grandeur of the venue, coupled with the impeccable service and exquisite food, created an atmosphere of luxury and indulgence. It was a time for franchisees to relax, celebrate their achievements, and forge lasting connections with their peers. The gala dinner provided a perfect blend of elegance and camaraderie, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who attended.”

Trying Their Luck: Night at the Monaco Casino

The excitement continued as conference attendees visited the famous Monaco casino, embracing the thrill of chance and fortune. The atmosphere was electric, with franchisees enjoying an evening of entertainment, bonding, and friendly competition. To add to the excitement, one fortunate franchisee walked away with substantial winnings, adding to the memorable experiences of the event.

Day 2 of the easyStorage Conference 2023

After a late night, all attendees gathered to make their way back into Monaco for the main day of the conference, a day dedicated to reflection and future planning. A relaxed start to the morning coupled with an exciting agenda for the day ahead, set the stage for engaging discussions and informative sessions.

Storage expert Q&A

At this point, the conference was at the halfway point so we took the opportunity to ask “What was the most essential thing you packed (or forgot to pack!)?” Tim was keen to note:

“I made sure to pack was a notebook and pen. Throughout the conference, there were numerous insightful discussions, presentations, and networking opportunities. Having a dedicated notebook allowed me to jot down key takeaways, capture innovative ideas, and record important contacts. It helped me stay organized and ensured that I wouldn’t miss any valuable information. However, I did forget to pack my lightweight jacket, which turned out to be a mistake as the weather was beautifully hot! It’s a lesson learned to always check the weather forecast and pack accordingly.”

Nigel was keen to praise his team:

“The most essential thing I took to the conference was Jordan, our Franchise Support Manager. Jordan played a pivotal role in organising the conference, ensuring that everything ran smoothly and efficiently. Her attention to detail and organisational skills were unparalleled as they made sure we were well-prepared and knew exactly where we should be and when. From coordinating schedules to managing logistics, Jordan’s presence was invaluable. We owe a great deal of gratitude to Jordan for her dedication and commitment to making the conference a resounding success. Thank you, Jordan!”

Highlights and Insights: Morning Session

The morning session focused on the easyStorage business review, providing attendees with valuable insights into the industry’s performance, as highlighted by the SSA report. The session celebrated the company’s financial achievements, showcasing the resilience and growth of easyStorage. Tim Slesinger outlined the strategic plan for the future, encompassing short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals, laying the foundation for continued success.

Projects and Innovations: Updates and Developments

Exciting updates were shared during the conference, highlighting the ongoing projects within easyStorage. As a technology-first company, a new product was recently launched to manage the logistics of the storage services offered. Attendees were treated to an evaluation of the transition and launch as well offered a glimpse into the advancements and plans for the future. Nigel also discussed the latest developments in containers, showcasing the innovative approach of easyStorage.

Marketing Strategies: Introducing the New Framework

Halim Boumadani, Marketing Director and Co-Founder introduced the new marketing framework, emphasizing the importance of a cohesive and impactful strategy. Attendees discovered the latest marketing initiatives and tools available to drive brand awareness and customer engagement, setting the stage for enhanced marketing efforts across the franchise network.

Collaborative Sessions: Working Groups and Panel Discussions

To foster collaboration and idea sharing, working groups were formed based on topics discussed in regional meetings. These interactive sessions covered essential areas such as sales desk optimization and leveraging national contracts, providing franchisees with practical knowledge and valuable insights. Attendees actively participated in discussions, exchanging ideas and expertise.

Tim highlighted this session as a one of the best moments of the conference:

“The franchisee workshops provided a valuable platform for attendees to dive deep into specific topics, share their experiences, and exchange insights. The interactive nature of these sessions allowed for a collaborative learning environment, fostering connections among franchisees and promoting a sense of community. Following the workshops, the open discussion further enhanced the learning experience, allowing participants to ask questions, challenge ideas, and engage in thought-provoking conversations. The combined effect of these workshops and discussions created a truly enriching and memorable experience.”

Franchisees’ Voice: Q&A Session

A highly anticipated session, franchisees had the opportunity to engage with the easyStorage Senior Leadership Team (SLT) panel. They asked questions, shared their experiences, and received valuable guidance from the panel members, further strengthening the franchisee-community relationship.

Embracing the Future: Long-Term Plans

In his concluding remarks, CEO Tim provided a summary of the long-term vision for easyStorage. This overview equipped attendees with a clear understanding of the company’s trajectory and their pivotal role in shaping its future success.

Networking and Celebrations: Evening Social Gathering

The conference not only focused on business but also prioritized relationship building. Attendees had ample opportunities to network, unwind, and continue conversations in an informal setting. A delightful dinner hosted by easyStorage at La Voglia in Nice provided the perfect ambience to celebrate achievements and forge new connections.

Reflections from Tim and Nigel

After such a successful event, everyone left with renewed energy. Tim commented:

“We embarked on an incredible journey at the easyStorage franchise conference in Monaco, where franchisees and staff converged for three invigorating days of learning, collaboration, and celebration. From engaging sessions on the power of the easyBrand to recognizing outstanding achievements with the easyStorage Franchise Awards, every moment was infused with passion and innovation. The conference left us inspired, motivated, and equipped with a clear strategic plan to drive easyStorage’s growth and success in the year ahead. Together, we are forging a path of excellence and redefining the future of self-storage, solidifying our position as the go-to brand for storage.”

Nigel also commented with similar enthusiasm:

“Our franchise conference in Monaco, hosted by Sir Stelios, was a resounding success. As Franchise Director, I place great importance on these events for building a strong network, fostering collaboration, celebrating achievements, and sharing strategies. It was a true pleasure to witness the fruitful exchange of ideas and strategies, as well as the invaluable moments of camaraderie and informal conversations among our franchisees. The conference in Monaco provided an ideal setting, creating a relaxed atmosphere that facilitated open and collaborative discussions. We not only achieved our goals but also strengthened the bonds within our network. Inspired by the spirit of Monaco, we have reinvigorated our commitment to innovation and collective growth as ‘one team’, setting a new standard of excellence. I am immensely proud to be a part of this exceptional franchise network.”


With an event such as this, we thought it would be important to ask Tim and Nigel what their most prominent takeaways were, (apart from a lack of sleep and a tan!) Tim said “As I left the conference, I couldn’t help but feel a renewed sense of inspiration and motivation. The collective dedication and passion displayed by the franchisees and the easyStorage team throughout the event left a lasting impression. The conference provided valuable insights into the future plans and growth trajectory of easyStorage, reaffirming its position as an industry leader. I left with a sense of excitement about the endless possibilities and opportunities that lay ahead for all the franchisees. The conference served as a reminder of the incredible potential for success and the strong support system that easyStorage provides.”

Nigel also had a positive and heart-warming sentiment to share: “I left with a profound realisation of the significance of coming together regularly to share thoughts and feelings, harnessing the collective energy to support one another. The conference served as a powerful reminder that collaboration and connection are essential for personal and professional growth. Witnessing individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences unite, exchanging knowledge and insights, left me inspired and motivated. It became clear that when we create spaces for open dialogue and collective support, we not only nurture our own development but also contribute to a broader community that thrives on shared wisdom and mutual encouragement.”

Leaving Monaco behind

As the conference came to an end, attendees bid farewell to Monaco, carrying with them a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and memories. The easyStorage Franchisee Conference 2023 in Monaco was a resounding success, showcasing the achievements of easyStorage, celebrating exceptional franchisees, and paving the way for a bright future.

Huge gratitude goes out to the franchising team for organizing such a remarkable event. Their meticulous planning and dedication ensured that every moment of the conference was a testament to the unwavering support and celebration of each franchisee’s immense contributions. The event beautifully honoured their commitment and enthusiasm, leaving all inspired and grateful to be part of the easyStorage franchise family.

The event not only celebrated past achievements but also ignited a sense of anticipation for what is to come. Especially because the easyGroup team and Sir Stelios extended a remarkable invitation that added an extra spark of excitement. They graciously announced that easyStorage’s 2024 Conference will once again be hosted in the enchanting city of Monaco!

This kind gesture from the easyGroup team and Sir Stelios showcases their unwavering support and commitment to the franchisees. It demonstrates their belief in the easyStorage brand and their desire to see it thrive even further.

With a clear vision and unwavering dedication, easyStorage’s success story continues to unfold, and the conference served as a testament to the bright future that lies ahead.

Alex Fulcher

Alex joined the easyStorage family after landing her dream role as the social media and content manager in September 2021. She has a creative and entrepreneurial spirit, finding her way through various industries: from theatre to charity work. From helping her fathers’ family business, she has always known that amazing people are the foundations for any successful business – proven by the likes of easyStorage. She enjoys walking her handsome dog Leo, reading and going to the theatre. This is of course, when she is not travelling the world jumping out of planes or scuba diving with Turtles, which she says are bigger than any of our easyStorage boxes!


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