Over 1,200 British couples to fly to Cyprus for civil wedding ceremonies after May 1

Over 1,200 couples from Britain have already booked their civil wedding ceremonies in Ayia Napa and Paralimni municipalities to take place after May 1 when Cyprus welcomes Covid-19 vaccinated tourists from that country.

Cyprus will allow British tourists who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 into the country without restrictions – that is, without a negative test or needing to quarantine.

Specifically, more than 800 British couples arranged their civil ceremonies or are in the process of doing so at Ayia Napa city hall and another 450 at that of Paralimni, Philenews reports.

“This marks the moment of Hope, of a better tomorrow, of recovery after this nightmarish coronavirus time that we have all gone through,” said Ayia Napa mayor Christos Zanettos.

“The road remains long and extremely difficult but the wedding bookings are certainly a cause of celebration,” he added.

British visitors are the largest market for Cyprus’s tourism industry, which has suffered from the coronavirus pandemic. Arrivals and earnings from the sector, which represents about 13% of the Cypriot economy, plunged on average 85% in 2020.

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