Managed to put my dream into reality but couldn’t of done it with out the help from friends and family.

Opened up Alex’s Cypriot Sandwiches Soups and Hot Salt Beef  in the heart of Southgate on the 21st September 2019

Serving the Fattest Cypriot Sandwiches from your simple Lounza Halloumi salad mayo to the Dirty Alex.  Which is filled with Lounza Halloumi Egg Loukanika Bastourma Bacon. Not forgetting Salad and Pickla..

Havw gone onto National Tv in Cyprus from Loui Chat show. To Mihali.. To Christina..

Have been given the title of The King Of Cypriot Sandwiches.

Given a 10/10 by Famous Food Review Club.. His 2nd 10/10.

Been interviewed by London magazine to be given a 6th place in London for our soup Avgolemoni.

And this is all in under a year…

We are a family run business.

Yes we make mistakes but we try to correct them and put nothing but pure love into Sandwiches..

We have managed to buy the rights to be Chino official distributor which is an iced coffee famous in Cyprus..

So you have in 1 hand your Lounza Halloumi and the other a ice cold Chino all thats missing is the Sun and Sea…

Id like to say a massive thank you to all involved past and  present..

To the guys who make it happen.. Thank You..



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