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The book is a snapshot of the Worldwide Cypriot Community today and a celebration of what they have achieved outside their homeland and the greater potential that awaits them in the future.


15 year old Thomas Sandamas has been nominated for an award at this year’s Football Content Awards

Thomas Sandamas has been nominated for an award at this year’s Football Content Awards. The 15 year old UK Cypriot, whose Grandparents are from Kontea and Kalo Chorio in Cyprus, has run The Football Stadium Show YouTube channel for nearly three years, covering football at the non-league level. He tells us more:


Having visited football clubs all over the country, from Cornwall to York, interviewing fans and club staff, researching team’s histories and exploring their stadiums, I’ve learnt about the unique joy and community feel that only non-league clubs can provide, and I’m deeply passionate about sharing these stories with my audience on The Football Stadium Show. I have been shortlisted for ‘Best in Non-League – Video’ at the Football Content Awards, a celebration of the media side of football. This year’s finals will be held at Anfield Stadium, home to Liverpool FC, on November 16th.


You can vote for Thomas by selecting ‘The Football Stadium Show’ in the category ‘Best in Non-League – Video’ on the Football Content Awards website: https://footballcontentawards.com/voting/

Voting closes at midnight on October 8th.


You can also check out his channel here: https://youtube.com/@TFSS

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