Mayor of Haringey visits one of the oldest UK Cypriot companies the House of Nicholas

The Mayor of Haringey Councillor Adam Jogee visited the UK Cypriot Company the House of Nicholas where he met Nick Nicholas, Katia Charalambou and Timi Nicholas.

He came to visit and introduce himself to the company and find out more about them and their history and thank them for persevering during the pandemic.

The family with Yiakoumi and Nitsa started a dress manufacturing business specialising in wedding dresses and evening wear in the basement of a building in Holloway Road in 1950.

And the other siblings followed Yiannos, Andrica, Tony, Elia and Fanos.
The business grew to become one of the biggest UK Cypriot businesses and be named as the bridal and cocktail wear manufacturing company House of Nicholas, also known by the name of Nicholas Brothers with a showroom in Margaret Street in the West End and a large manufacturing base in Holloway. They also had a manufacturing plant in Cyprus and retail units in Greece.The company became well known all over the world for their products and in the late 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s, gave employment to thousands of Cypriots coming to England for a new future. The company is now run by two of the children Nick Nicholas Yiakoumis son and Katia Charalambou the daughter of Nitsa.

During this era they also owned one of the biggest travel agencies within our community Nicholas Brothers Travel.


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