John Christodoulou and Anna Vissi launch new charity initiative 

Cypriot Businessman John Christodoulou and famous singer Anna Vissi announced in Cyprus they will be working together within the Yianis Christodoulou Foundation to enpower underserved children and their families to reach their full potential,and to improve their livelihoods,
Numerous events are being planned.

One event they will be holding will be a concert at the Monaco Royal Palace which Prince Albert will be hosting.

John Christodoulou who is a Monaco resident has helped several good causes within his foundation

Children’s education in underprivileged neighbourhoods and within orphanages are the main focus of the Foundation.

The charity believes the best way to impact our society tomorrow is by educating today’s youth.

Projects the foundation has been involved in are  completing a full renovation of the Bolton FAB centre .

It has fully funded the renovation of a multi-purpose and multi-media classroom in a primary school in Nicosia situated in a deprived area.

The Foundation has also fully funded the renovation of the ground floor of a Children’s House in Nicosia which hosts young children under the care of the Social Services.

The ‘Yianis Christodoulou Foundation’ supported the first steps of the setting up of the SISTEMA CYPRUS through the purchase of string instruments to be used for the orchestra of the children and young people.

It also funded the purchase and installation of special outdoor tartan (multi-sport) flooring to cover the basket-ball court at the 3rd Kaimakli Primary School.

The very popular Cypriot-Greek singer Anna Vissi, who has appeared on the Eurovision stage is not new to charity work.

She has raised money for the support of Sophia Foundation for Children , a charity which takes care of children in Cyprus and Kenya, so that they can provide them with a decent living.

The ‘Sophia Foundation for Children’ was established in 2008 by Cypriot volunteers, having as its aim to fight poverty and its repercussions, mainly concentrating on the most vulnerable of all social groups, that of children.

We wish them both success in their endeavours.