Cyprus celebrates its Independence Day today

Cyprus Independence day falls on 1 October. It is celebrated by a National holiday festivals at the schools and a large military parade in the capital. This event is celebrated in the various parts of the country, especially in Nicosia, the country’s capital.

Today Cyprus commemorates the 52nd anniversary of independence from British colonial rule. Cyprus was a colony of the British Empire from 1878 until 1960. Cyprus achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1960 and became a member of the Commonwealth in 1961. The country is visited by 2.4 million tourists a year, making it one of the most attractive tourist spots. Cyprus is the third largest and most populous island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Cyprus’ flag, has the map of our island in yellow (the color of copper, of which Cyprus was famous in the ancient years and took its name from: couprum (copper in latin) Òkipros (Cyprus in Greek). Also, there are two lops from an olive tree, which symbolize peace.