Cyprus authorities report 113 new COVID-19 cases, total of 32 people in hospital

Cyprus authorities reported 113 new COVID-19 cases out of a total of 3,122 tests, with the total number of cases to date reaching 3,930.

It is further noted that the number of people in hospital has increased to 32 while the number of people treated at ICUs has doubled since Monday, people are urged to strictly uphold measures and guidelines in place to contain the pandemic.

The large increase in cases has led to a dangerous increase of people needing to be treated in hospital which in turn increases the risk of more people dying. Authorities urge everyone “to strictly uphold measures and guidelines” in place for their protection.

“The responsibility lies with each and everyone of us and together we must protect vulnerable groups and the elderly,” it is noted.

In a press release the Ministry of Health says 113 people tested positive for COVID-19 out of 3,122 tests.

In particular, out of 530 samples collected in the context of the tracing of contacts procedure 35 people tested positive. Out of 1,062 samples tested by private initiative 49 people tested positive. Out of 132 samples from the General Hospitals Microbiology Labs, 13 people tested positive.
Out of 689 collected in the context of screening passengers and people repatriating in Cyprus, 4 people tested positive. Out of 329 samples collected from students, teachers and other school staff 12 people tested positive.

Additionally, the press release says 380 tests were completed out of samples in the context of GP referrals and the screening of special groups of people through the public health centres without anyone testing positive.

“Therefore and on the basis of data so far, the total number of cases has reached 3,930,” it adds.

Twenty six people who are positive to SARS-CoV-2 are treated at Famagusta General Hospital, five of them at the Acute Care Unit. Additionally, four patients are intubated at Nicosia General ICU, while another eight people are treated at a COVID-19 hospital ward.