Australian Cypriots leading as Cyprus representatives in Eurovision meet up in Sydney

Cypriot Australians making waves at Eurovision

Sydney’s Silia Kapsis follows Andrew Lambrou’s lead as Cyprus’ representatives in Eurovision

Andrew Lambrou, Cyprus’ Eurovision star in 2023, and Silia Kapsis who will perform in 2024 meet for the first time in Sydney.

Andrew Lambrou, Cyprus’ Eurovision star in 2023, and Silia Kapsis, who will represent Cyprus in 2024, had their initial encounter in Sydney. Both share a deep connection through their Cypriot heritage and a profound love for music.

It appears that these Cypriot Australians community are focused on making their mark on the Eurovision stage.

Silia Kapsis, a singer from Sydney, has followed in the footsteps of Lambrou as the second Australian to represent Cyprus in Eurovision, as detailed in a report by Neos Kosmos.

Similar to Lambrou, Silia comes from a Greek Cypriot background and was born and raised in Sydney.

Her musical journey commenced at a young age, earning her accolades such as the Bobby McCloughan Creative Arts Award (130th Anniversary Award) at Claremont College, The St Vincent’s College Madame Christian Scholarship for Singing, and the Village Nation Performing Arts College Scholarship, recognizing her as a versatile triple performer.Silia’s experience includes being the lead singer for the Australian Youth Performing Arts Company (AYPAC) and performing solo at Hollywood Star Alex Russell’s exclusive 30th Birthday Event in Los Angeles. Remarkably, her debut composition, ‘Who Am I?’, was crafted at the impressive age of 12.

Subsequently, she released ‘No Boys Allowed’ in March 2023 and her most recent track, ‘Disco Dancer’, debuted in May 2023.