Entrants are being invited for the new UK Cypriots and Cypriots Worldwide books

The book is a snapshot of the Worldwide Cypriot Community today and a celebration of what they have achieved outside their homeland and the greater potential that awaits them in the future.

It has taken me three years to compile this book, and I’ve enjoyed every minute. I was privileged to meet many notable, charismatic and engaging Greek Cypriots and travelled to many countries.

The book is a snapshot of our worldwide community today, a celebration of what we Greek Cypriots have achieved outside of our homeland and the greater potential that awaits us in the future. I hope you find this book a useful, informative and entertaining resource.


Greek Cypriots in the UK–A directory of who’s who was a phenomenal success. What Greek Cypriot could flick through its pages and not marvel with pride at the fascinating achievements of so many of our people in Britain? So it was the obvious next step to expand this listing to include the accomplishments of Greek Cypriots worldwide. After all, people from our small island have settled, prospered and distinguished themselves in all parts of the globe…

What a wonderful, inspiring task it was! It meant embarking on a fascinating, year-long odyssey that took me to Europe, Africa, Asia and America. I attended Cyprus festivals in cities as different and far-flung as Melbourne and Toronto. I traveled to Moscow, Los Angeles, Cape Town and Sydney. Names and profiles for this ambitious new work came flooding in from community events and the print and broadcast media.

Regretfully, I could not include them all. But we still have around 2000 people who will be included in our new worldwide edition. They include Greek Cypriots who have contributed socially or professionally to their communities. There are individuals involved in politics, media, business, sports, theater, music and the arts. We also included those who have carried out invaluable social and charitable work.



Michael Yiakoumi, Author and producer

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